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2nd Birthday Bonanza!

To celebrate the Podcasts 2nd birthday  we are throwing a massive giveaway! Check out the amazing prizes below and the rules to enter!


You could win one of the following prize packs!
1. A Sketch Goblin Commissioned Piece!
2. PDFs of Escape Box’s Suited Core Rulebook, Monte Cook’s Numenera Core Rulebook, and Brabblemark Press’ Corporia Core Rulebook!
3. A custom made dice bag and a selection of awesome minis!

What you need to do!

1. Follow the Roll Playing Guys on Instagram – 1 entry
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For the rating, review, and subscription entries to qualify you will need to send us a screen shot of each action and send the image to rollpg13@gmail.com. If we do not receive the email, the entries are not valid. 

All those who send in email entries will qualify to receive a PDF of all the Roll Playing guys homebrew creations!

Contest ends November 1st! We will randomly pick our winners and annouce them to the world!


We test new and upcoming RPGs!

Tired of the same old TTRPG? Need a new and exciting game to play? Look no further, the Roll Playing Guys are here to help!

Our mission is to help you find the perfect game and teach you the ropes quickly so you can get to what’s important, ENJOYING THE GAME!

Click explore now to begin looking into new games!

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Games We’ve Tested!

We’ve tested a ton of games! Click the link below to learn more about the game, listen to our actual play podcast episodes, read a review, watch tutorial videos, and more!

Click a game below and start exploring the  vast world of TTRPGs!


In the corporate controlled future monsters of the flux ravage the world. Join the Knight’s Watch, a team of reincarnated Arthurian knights as they fight the forces of Chaos and save the world!

Domain Horror System

A system developed with horror in mind. Check out the Domain Horror System to bring your characters into a fun session of spooky scary.

D&D 5 Edition

The widely popular fantasy role playing system Dungeons and Dragons.


Step into the future that is stuck in the past. Where machinery and technology is seen as magic. Ventrue off into the world of Numenera

Pathfinder 1st Edition

An amazing fantasy role playing system created by Paizo!


A unique game played with not dice but a deck of cards! Looking to spice up your TTRPG life? Try Suited, a system with amazing flexibility to fit any desired theme!

Listener Reviews

We have a 5 star rating on Itunes

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our listeners say:

“Great new D&D Podcast. Can’t wait to see what happens next week!”


“I’ve loved each new episode that comes out! These guys are really fun to listen to and come up with awesome homebrew campaigns! Audio quality can be a little shakey sometimes but they definitly make up for it with awesome material! Give them a listen!


“These guys are hilarious and the storyline highly entertaining. I constantly find I want to say things out loud while listening because I feel like I am in the room with them. Please give them a listen as they only get better and better each episode!”

Riley Swaney

“Love this podcast! The guys are so fun to listen to”


Funny group of dudes!
I always find myself laughing out loud when I listen to these guys! Also the quality of storytelling is top-notch and keeps me invested. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a rowdy crew of characters and a great story!

W Shepherd

Glitter and Poop. Everything Pathfinder needs!

I started on Season 3 Episode 1 so I found myself joining a world of new travellers looking for adventure and remedies for illness. I loved it, I laughed a lot, I marvelled over the glitter dust knuckles and desperately wanted some in real life, I gagged over the bird poop in the mouth moment, waaayyy to real. Martin is my favourite so far because of his bumbling hopefulness. Can’t wait to see what they get up to!

Marley Kraff


Have never played D&D but, now I really want to! Glad I can learn and also be entertained! Highly recommend! – Richard (Bad Rad Movies)


Lots of Games, Lots of Stories, Lots of Fun!

The Roll Playing Guys are so fun and funny, and the stories they tell are wonderful. I love that they play new systems each season; I’m getting to know all these great RPGs that I’d never even heard of! Keep it up, fellas (and lady)!


Freaking Hilarious and Refreshingly Clean

I love listening to this show. I look forward to every release. I am so happy that it is now on Stitcher because that is my favorite podcast platforms. This last season with Robert, Britta, Scottie, and Elle has been nothing short of brilliant! I love the shorter seasons that test out different games. I hadn’t heard of Suited, Numenera, or Corporia until these guys and I am so glad I did! I also love that they don’t swear and aren’t as dirty as other podcasts. It can be awkward listening to them at work, but I feel totally comfortable listening to this one anywhere! CHECK IT OUT!!!

The Community 74

Great Show, Especially for Work Listening

I have really enjoyed listening to the show, especially since Nick got a new microphone! They are clean and funny, which makes it great to listen to at work. I love learning about the different game systems and the entertaining characters they have come up with. You should definitely give it a listen!

Blaze Brightwick

Love our podcast!
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The Roll Playing Guys and Girls


GM and Player

Plays Ricardo the light cleric gnome in Season 1 – The Purple Haze

Plays GREG the Cyborg in Season 2 – Numenera

GM of Season 3 – Pathfinder

Plays Robert in Season 4 – Corporia


GM and Player

Plays Yarjerit the scholar in Season 1 – The Purple Haze

Plays Dekro the shield master in Season 2 – Numenera

Plays Presta the alchemist in Season 3 – Pathinder

GM of Season 4 – Corporia



Plays Martin the Common man in Season 3 – Pathfinder

Social Media Master


GM and Player

GMs Season One – The Purple Haze 

Plays Timmy the Tech Boy Wonder in Season 2 – Numenera

Plays Raymus the vengeful Cleric in Season 3 – Pathfinder

Plays Scottie in Season 4 – Corporia


Player and Artist

Plays Swana the confused but lovable Undine Druid in Season 3 – Pathfinder

Plays Britta in Season 4 – Corporia

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