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Check out our Season 4 Corporia Teaser! Join the Roll Playing Guys as we begin our adventure into the corporate world filled with monsters and magic!

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Balthasar Gelt, the Supreme Patriarch

“When asked: “What is the name of the stone that burns?” Thou shalt respond: “Sulpher to be mixed with mercury.” When asked “What is the name of the universal solvent?”[…]

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The Cairn Wraith

Check out the D&D 5e Stat block for the Cairn Wraith, a Warhammer Fantasy Monster Though their appearance may perceive it, these spirits are not servants of Morr, the Death God[…]

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Check out or newest D&D 5e conversion item from the Wticher series, Dimeritium. A powerful substance that negates the powers of magic users.

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We test new and upcoming RPGs!

Tired of the same old RPGs? Need a new and exciting game to play? Look no further! The Roll Playing Guys are here to help. Our mission is to help you find the perfect gaming system for your needs. Check out our reviews and articles to begin your exciting new RPG experience

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Our Podcast

So far we have had three amazing seasons in our podcast! This doesn’t include our awesome mini seasons! Check them out below!

D&D 5e – The Purple Haze

Join Ricardo, Threen, and Brooke as they brave the worn torn world after a massive apocalypse.

Numenera – Uphxon

Join the Roll Playing Guys as we test  Monte Cook’s Numenera game system. Follow Greg, Timmy, and Dekro as they fight to free the people from tyranny.

Pathfinder – The City of Uthkan

Three unlikely heroes gather in the City of Uthkan, brought together by chance. Little do they know what dangers are in store for them.

Suited – The Wild West

Join two renowned lawmen Amos and Levi as they discover that a small quiet town isn’t so quiet as they first thought!

Domain Horror Role Playing System

Follow along as the Roll Playing Guys play test the Domain Horror Role Playing System

Listener Reviews

We have a 5 star rating on Itunes

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our listeners say:

“Great new D&D Podcast. Can’t wait to see what happens next week!”


“I’ve loved each new episode that comes out! These guys are really fun to listen to and come up with awesome homebrew campaigns! Audio quality can be a little shakey sometimes but they definitly make up for it with awesome material! Give them a listen!


“These guys are hilarious and the storyline highly entertaining. I constantly find I want to say things out loud while listening because I feel like I am in the room with them. Please give them a listen as they only get better and better each episode!”

Riley Swaney

“Love this podcast! The guys are so fun to listen to”


Funny group of dudes!
I always find myself laughing out loud when I listen to these guys! Also the quality of storytelling is top-notch and keeps me invested. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a rowdy crew of characters and a great story!

W Shepherd

Glitter and Poop. Everything Pathfinder needs!

I started on Season 3 Episode 1 so I found myself joining a world of new travellers looking for adventure and remedies for illness. I loved it, I laughed a lot, I marvelled over the glitter dust knuckles and desperately wanted some in real life, I gagged over the bird poop in the mouth moment, waaayyy to real. Martin is my favourite so far because of his bumbling hopefulness. Can’t wait to see what they get up to!

Marley Kraff

Love our podcast!
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GM and Player

Plays Ricardo the light cleric gnome in Season 1 – The Purple Haze

Plays GREG the Cyborg in Season 2 – Numenera

GM of Season 3 – Pathfinder



Plays Yarjerit the scholar in Season 1 – The Purple Haze

Plays Dekro the shield master in Season 2 – Numenera

Plays Presta the alchemist in Season 3 – Pathinder



Plays Martin the Common man in Season 3 – Pathfinder

Social Media Master


GM and Player

GMs Season One – The Purple Haze 

Plays Timmy the Tech Boy Wonder in Season 2 – Numenera

Plays Raymus the vengful Cleric in Season 3 – Pathfinder


Player and Artist

Plays Swana the confused but lovable Undine Druid in Season 3 – Pathfinder

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