Kharadron Endrinrigger

With aether-endrins strapped to their backs, Endrinriggers use the power of flight to enable them to conduct repairs on their beloved airships miles above ground. In battle, their aether-powered tools become lethal weapons capable of punching through the thickest enemy armour or messily sawing off heads and limbs.

Balthasar Gelt, the Supreme Patriarch

“When asked: “What is the name of the stone that burns?” Thou shalt respond: “Sulpher to be mixed with mercury.” When asked “What is the name of the universal solvent?” Thou shalt respond: “Al-kahest.” When asked: “What is the name of the remedy for all maladies?” Thou shalt respond: “Panacea Universalis.” When asked: “What is…
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The Cairn Wraith

Check out the D&D 5e Stat block for the Cairn Wraith, a Warhammer Fantasy Monster Though their appearance may perceive it, these spirits are not servants of Morr, the Death God in any way, for they have defied the Death God’s authority by preventing the inevitability of their deaths and continuing to do so even in…
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Check out or newest D&D 5e conversion item from the Wticher series, Dimeritium. A powerful substance that negates the powers of magic users.

The Rotting Promethean

Welcome to Monster Monday! Enjoy the Rotting Promethean, an undead crab monstrosity! There are many wondrous and dangerous creatures that dwell beneath the world’s waves. From fire-breathing Sea Dragons to the ravaging Kraken of the Great Ocean, the sea’s bounty is truly as varied as that of land-going life. Once dead, however, even the most…
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The Gold Gobbler

Is your party obsessed with gold? Do they have an obscene amount of it and you wish you could go back and not give it to them? Then check out the Gold Gobbler! A small beast the size and color of a coin, this beast thrives off devouring anything gold and shiny. They are usually found in dungeon treasure piles just waiting to be stuck in an adventurers gold pouch!

The Bolter

A RollPG D&D 5e Conversion. A blessed creation of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Godwyn Pattern has served the Space Marines for millennia, its design based upon ancient STC technology from long before the birth of the Imperium.

The Chaos Warrior

Check out the Chaos Warrior, our newest Monster Monday creation! These men have cast aside everything in favour of eternal war and the promise of power from their Chaos god!

The Beat Boxer

A strange metal box with various nobs and wheels. If these random buttons are mashed the box plays magic tunes that cause even the mightiest adventurers to dance in uncontrollable passion!

Domains Horror System Review

Introduction to the Domains Horror System As a podcast, we haven’t delved too deep into the horror genre just yet…until now…mwahaHAHAHA!!! *ahem* Anyway, Ordoalea Publishing (“or-doe-AH-lee-ah”) reached out to us, asking if we could test out Domains Horror System, their unique take on horror TTRPGs. The game is named for their term for the game…
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