Balthasar Gelt, the Supreme Patriarch

When asked: “What is the name of the stone that burns?” Thou shalt respond: “Sulpher to be mixed with mercury.”
When asked “What is the name of the universal solvent?” Thou shalt respond: “Al-kahest.”
When asked: “What is the name of the remedy for all maladies?” Thou shalt respond: “Panacea Universalis.”
When asked: “What is the name of the acme of the Art?” Thou shalt respond: “The Elixir of Life.”
When asked: “What is the name of the noblest of metals?” Thou shalt respond: “Gold.”

—Balthasar Gelt, ‘The Training of the Alchemist’.

About Balthasar

Balthasar Gelt is the current Supreme Patriarch of the Colleges of Magic and one of the Empire’s greatest Wizards of this very age. The position of Supreme Patriarch is the highest attainable position by a wizard within the Empire of Man. The patriarch is responsible for advising Emperor Karl Franz in all decisions dealing with the Arcane. Every couple of years each of the eight Colleges of Magic elect one of their number to compete in duel with an equal counterpart. The victor of this arcane dual receives the office of Supreme Patriarch and the right to wield the ancient Staff of Volans.

Balthasar Gelt is the most recent winner of this exalted position. Such is his skill in the art of magic that he managed to defeat the former Supreme Patriarch, Thyrus Gormann of the Bright Order, in single combat, replacing the long-standing prominence of Fire with that of Metal. Since that day, the new supreme patriarch, riding a Pegasus surrounded by a golden halo, has appeared on many battlefields, where the Emperor’s soldiers are fighting. Now the Winds of Magic blow strongly for the Gold College as their fortunes are once again on the rise.


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