The Rotting Promethean

Welcome to Monster Monday!
Enjoy the Rotting Promethean, an undead crab monstrosity!

There are many wondrous and dangerous creatures that dwell beneath the world’s waves. From fire-breathing Sea Dragons to the ravaging Kraken of the Great Ocean, the sea’s bounty is truly as varied as that of land-going life.

Once dead, however, even the most belligerent creatures become infinitely more controllable to the seafaring Necromancers that terrorise the oceans.

The Lustrian coastline is home to many such useful sea monsters, including the crab-like Prometheans which scuttle across the more shallower regions of the continent’s surrounding ocean floors. Standing as tall as fully-grown men, and with pincers that can dismember a man like giant scissors, they are distant cousins of the much larger and rarer Leviathans.

Being relatively common in their known habitats, Prometheans are often targeted by Undead Pirate fleets to be killed, reanimated, and brought into their fighting ranks, either as mounts or as monstrous combatants in their own right!

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