May 11, 2021

The Roll Playing Guys

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Season 4 – Corporia

Welcome to Corporia

This is a brief explanation of what Season 4 will hold for all our listeners. We are super excited for Nick as our GM and all the surprises we have for you. Stay tuned this season to listen to guest stars and familiar voices returning to the show!

Episode 1

Welcome to Corporia! In the first episode of the season we meet the “heroes,” Elle, Britta, Scottie, and Robert. The team is introduced and asked to investigate some odd occurrences at the library. While there, the party meets some ROUSs, reptiles, and a jerk named Trent.

Episode 2

Copori-A have been asked to investigate a murder at the lake in Plindon. When they get there, Britta has to deal with fans, Scottie has to deal with leaving the casino, Robert has to deal with figuring out who Britta is, and Elle has to deal with them all. When another person from Camelot gets awakened, the story takes an unexpected turn.

Episode 3

After investigating the crime scene of the lady at the lake, Elle, Robert, Scottie, and Britta follow the lead of the mysterious public transport stalker. With a lead on his location and a possible name, the party joins forces with Otzio, played by our good friend Don from the ‘How to Survive a Horror Movie Podcast’! With Otzio’s help the party makes huge headway on the case and discovers some horrifying facts! So jump on in and join squad Corpori-A! Shout out to Don for guest staring!.

Episode 4

This episode is a summary of episode 4. Due to editing software crashing, Spencer lost his audio and wasn’t able to recover it. Instead, he and Nick do a comprehensive summary of all the shenanigans Corpori-A got into. The team meets with Ralph Emerson, the editor of Quest magazine. After publishing a story indicating he knows about the Flux and Valiant’s true identity, he becomes a threat to the company’s secrets. Corpori-A discuss his demands to prevent him from divulging any more secrets. Elle, Britta, Robert, and Scottie set off to investigate Ralph’s quest (lower case q because they aren’t investigating the magazine). Find out what happens in this summary!

Episode 5

Elle, Robert, Scottie, and Britta have tracked Wanda to Upchuckies, a bar known for its unique cuisine. When they get inside, they discover a hidden door that takes them to the fight club below. Wanda is finishing a fight when they walk in. One of the team members is chosen for a fight and has to fight Wanda! Who wins? Who’s chosen? Find out in this episode of the Roll Playing Guys!

Episode 6

Things escalate quickly when Corpori-A is required to investigate some sanguivores causing raucous in their district. When they arrive, Bastion has already taken care of the situation in a less than ideal way. Find out how the team reacts when they arrive in this episode!

Character Creation

In this episode of the Roll Playing Guys, Nick takes us through the character creation process in Corporia. Follow along with a character sheet to learn how simple it is to make a character! If you are interested in getting books for Corporia, check out The books are pretty cheap and it is a fun system!

Collin and Carlos Clean Up

In this filler episode, Nick and Spencer take time to play Collin and Carlos, the poor chaps who have to clean up the mess left by Corpori-A. With improv conversation, you never know what topics will be hit as they clean up the library and fight club.

Episode 6 Part 2

After Lance chewed out the team, they all had a lot to reflect on. Join the team in this episode as we learn how each of them dealt with the fallout of the last episode.

Episode 7

Whew! Finally, we are back! After our hiatus, we have finally returned to publish a new episode in our wonderful season 4. We are very excited with this episode. In this episode, Corpori-A comes face-to-face with the notorious Jeremy Lee. After an awkward exchange of apologies, Scottie is requested to stay after to have a more… lengthy conversation. The team is commissioned to investigate a homicide in a museum under the tutelage of a Bastion agent. Listen to the shenanigans the team get into this time!

Episode 8

In this episode, a key new character is introduced, albeit in a sleepy state. They must retrieve an important artifact to bring this person back from the brink of death. Will they do it? What will they find? Where are they going? Find out in this exciting episode of The Roll Playing Guys!!!

Episode 9

This episode is the awesome “resolution” to episode 8. The heroes have to try and escape from the headquarters of Bastion. While this may sound really easy, one of them is left behind! Who is it!? Place your bets and find out here in this episode!

Episode 10

In this episode, Britta is forced to negotiate with Jeremy Lee and the gang joins up with Arthur. When they finally get to the center of the Flux, they have a terrible surprise waiting for them.