May 11, 2021

The Roll Playing Guys

A podcast determined to explore the world of table top rpgs

Domain Horror Role Playing System

The Duke of Wellington has gone missing with his family. Numerous Bobbys have entered to investigate and haven’t returned. Inspector Porter is getting anxious and calls upon a motley crew of specialists to look into the case.

Join the Roll Playing Guys as we play test the Domain Horror Role Playing System and dive into even more bizarre locals.


Episode 1

In this special between-the-seasons episode of The Roll Playing Guys, Nick and Spencer walk through the character creation process for the Domains Horror Rollplaying System. Courtesy of Ordoalea Publishing, we have the opportunity to test out this game system for them. This is the first installment before we get to the much anticipated Season 4.

Episode 2

In this episode of The Roll Playing Guys, Spencer, Tyler, and Rebecca (Nick’s wife) play the characters of Paul, Richard and Emma. They have been invited by Inspector Porter to look into the recent disappearance of the Duke of Wellington. When they start looking around, it appears that a dinner party has been abandoned and our friends weren’t invited.

Episode 3

In this episode of The Roll Playing Guys, the party finally gets involved in throwing a few fisticuffs. When they come face-to-bandage with a disturbing police officer, the party fights for their lives to get away. Will they live? Will they die? Will we find out what is under those dirty bandages? Find out in this episode of The Roll Playing Guys.

Episode 4

After surviving an encounter from the tormented mind of the overseer, Nick, how does the party fair as they venture deeper into the unknown. They come across new and terrifying curiosities the further they investigate. Also in this episode, learn the most efficient way to kill a spider!

Episode 5

The mystery is wrapped up in the last episode of the Domains mini-series. Paul and Emma reach the surface with the children but at a terrible cost. Richard relives his teenage years and all the joys of pus-filled sores exploding all over him. After it all concludes, the gang gives a recap and review of what we thought of the system in general. Spoiler alert: we loved it.