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Power Outage

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Power outage logo

Power Outage

General Concept/Setting: 

Spencer: I think overall the concept of the game is pretty solid. While the idea of superheroes isn’t altogether new, the idea of a TTRPG designed specifically for children is really interesting. The amount of time that went into developing the villains and heroes provided in the book is also great. I think as a game designed for children, the limited number of villains and henchmen is passable, but I would hope the maker keeps churning these guys out. They are well-thought-out and a lot of fun. The setting of a parallel world is good too because it allows for as much incorporation of actual history into the stories as you want.


Learning Curve: 

Spencer: With only 3 stats, this game is terribly simple. The learning curve for experienced gamers is non-existent. For youngins playing the game, I think it is a great introduction. It is so straightforward to roll a D20 and add the corresponding stat. The powers are a lot of fun too which gives a little complexity to the game, but an amount manageable to any child.


Character Creation:

Spencer: This has its strengths and weaknesses. With only 3 stats, the creation is simple and you can make any sort of hero you want. However, with only 3 stats, it is easy to have overlap. I think there needs to be constantly new powers or else it would be too easy to make the same person. The powers idea is fun though because you can have any super power for any hero allowing the player to explain how each power looks for their specific character



Spencer: This is covered in character creation. Characters are really easy to balance, but run the risk of all being the same if the GM doesn’t assist.



Spencer: Combat is fun and simple. I think it definitely lends itself to in-person play just in terms of the limits of the powers. Without giving distances, the powers are without limitation and the brakes of the game fall apart. I’d be curious of how the game holds up with the puzzles compared to other games. Role-playing is a ton of fun because of all the flavor you can add to your hero/ character.



Spencer: With all the materials provided, I can’t imagine that it is difficult. This is a simple, but thorough game making it a cinch to GM.



Spencer: For $10 for a PDF, it is so worth it. If you have kids who want to play any sort of adventure, I’d recommend this to you. Basically any parent who has a child that likes to read or movies or puzzles. I think it is also a worthwhile addition to a serious gamer’s collection as well because it can be such a great break from a complex system like Pathfinder V2.



Spencer: I  think with the lore developed, this is a game that can be played for a long time. You can also allow for the retirement of heroes allowing new characters to be introduced and continue a story. I think it is highly sustainable IF more powers, villains, and henchmen are created.


Overall Score:

Spencer: In general, I saw this is a buy for sure. I can’t think of a good reason not to play it or test it out. Definitely a lot of fun. I’m planning on playing it with my nephew and niece next week, so we’ll see how they like it.



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