May 11, 2021

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Join the Roll Playing Guys as they review Brabblemark Press' Corporia system. Learn about the game and its strengths and weaknesses!


Welcome to the Roll Playing Guy’s review of Brabblemark Press’ Coporia system. We hope it helps you learn more about this amazing developer and a one of a kind TTRPG!

General Concept/Setting

In the near future, corporations control the world, and Order is the rule of the day. New technologies clean the environment and raise glittering skyscrapers in outwardly utopian cities, but at the cost of personal freedoms and liberties. Humans toil in wage-slavery to powerful mega-corporations, pacified by drugs, cheap food, and free internet access. It is surely the time foretold in legend, when the Knights of the Round Table would return in the hour of mankind’s greatest need.

Yet the knights are scattered, their memories fragmented, and King Arthur nowhere to be found. Worse, the return of the knights breached the barriers of reality and opened portals to the extra-dimensional realms of Chaos. Now every day brings new horrors as magical anomalies bestow either superhuman abilities or horrible mutations on the populace, monsters lurk in alleys and underground malls, spirits return as electronic geists, and software becomes self-aware. The mega-corporations outwardly dismiss these outbreaks as effects of cosmic ‘Flux’ radiation (supposedly caused by the former government’s meddling with the ozone layer), even while they wage secret wars to master this new energy source. Only you and your allies stand for justice in the struggle between corporate Order and magical Chaos.

Fortunately, you have powerful benefactors: Sir Lancelot (awakened as a megacorporate CEO) and his allies Sir Percival, the sorceress Nimue, and the artificial intelligence known as M.E.R.L.I.N.  As a member of the Knightwatch, Lancelot’s secret special operations team, you battle magical monstrosities and augmented humans, dive into living computer networks, infiltrate rival mega-corporations, and more. The only limit is your imagination!

Learning Curve

The core rules are based on a simple and intuitive mechanic where you roll two 6-sided dice (aka the Flux Dice) and keep the highest result, then add it to one of your character’s Core Values and a related Skill. (Rolling the max on a d6 lets you roll and add it again.) If your total is higher than the Target Number or opponent’s roll, you succeed! You can mix and match most Core Values and Skills in different ways to fit whatever situation arises.

All checks in the game ranging from combat, skills, magic, and even social encounters use this simple two D6 mechanic, allowing for you and your friends to focus on what’s important…playing and enjoying the game!

Character Creation

Character creation uses points allocation. You choose one of three options (Touched, Gifted, or Fluxed) to focus on either Core Values and Skills, or supernatural abilities, or a mix of the two. You can play any one of 10 archetypes, including the Badge, Hacker, Headhunter, Journo, Lister, Radical, Runner, Suit, Thinker, Zero, either solo or combined with a Sorcerer, Witcher, or reincarnated Knight-Errant archetype.

Character creation is extremely streamlined and simple to understand. In addition, the various archetypes are interesting and refreshing in a genre that is filled with the standard Fighter, Barbarian, and Cleric. Are you looking for a new take on fantasy table top gaming? Corporia is for you then!


Like stated above combat is simple but exhilarating. Using the standard two D6 dice rolling system, your combat can shift away from rules lawyering to more fulfilling role playing and cinematic descriptions. As you fight you will eventually take damage and wounds, causing additional hinderances and negative effects to yourself and your enemies.

One improvement that I would recommend to the creator is making the monsters and mythical beasts feel like such in combat. During our play test of the system I found the enemies felt similar and lacking in unique traits. Fighting a police officer was the same as fighting a powerful zombie or a decrepit mummy. Adding special powers and abilities to these powerful beasts of legends could help the game lean into the setting and help players feel more part of the world.


With a unique setting and archetypes, the system is very open to exploration and investigation. With the combination of Arthurian legend and futuristic corporate controlled cities your players could be searching for the holy grail or helping a CEO take over a meddlesome company. The possibilities are endless and leads to the creation of unique worlds where your players can feel part of a living breathing one of a kind world.

Gameplay–Role Playing

With its simple rules and mechanics this system is perfect for those who love role playing. When you aren’t constantly digging through the rulebook it adds to the atmosphere and the suspended reality of the players. In addition, the setting is one of a kind allowing for a fresh air of roleplaying opportunities for those tired of more traditional fantasy based table top games.

Outside of the unique setting, mechanics, and archetypes; Corporia adds an additional layer of character creation and development through its Personal and Public character traits. When making a character, players must define three public traits and one private trait. You’re probably asking what’s the difference? Well public traits are traits displayed openly by your character on the day to day. While private traits explain a vice or problem your character hides and keeps secret from the world. These traits add another layer of depth to your character and sometimes additional difficulties or benefits to them story wise. A perfect mechanic for those role play lovers.



Compared to other TTRPGs, Corporia isn’t going to hurt your wallet to get into. With the core rule book running for $40 for a physical copy and $15 for the PDF version, you are getting a great deal for a great system.

In addition the developer occasionally releases additional content ranging from new archetypes to monsters for just a few bucks a piece. So overall you will get a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to Corporia.

Overall Score

After play testing and reading the core rule book, the Roll Playing Guys give Corporia a D20!

A solid game with a lot to offer players. A one of a kind game with a unique setting, interesting archetypes, and a simple universal dice rolling mechanic, makes Corporia shine like Excalibur. Its one glaring weakness is that with its simple mechanics, come simple combat, sometimes leaving players wanting.


Curious about Corporia? Join the Roll Playing Guys as we delve into the corporate controlled world of the Utah Megalopolis. Will the reincarnated knights of King Arthur be able to stop the coming storm of the forces of chaos? Listen in to find out!

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