May 11, 2021

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Welcome to the Roll Playing Guys review of the Suited system, developed by Escape Box games. Read up and discover a new table top role playing game!


General Concept/Setting: 7/10


Spencer:This game is fascinating because it is a general card game with like half a dozen different settings. Escapebox Games has made it possible to experience a wide variety of games all within one system. This really helps because it allows players and GMs to have a huge range of possibilities on what to play.

Learning Curve: 7/10


Spencer:To begin, this game is incredibly simple to pick up and play. You can read through all the rules and play a one shot in one afternoon. However, this simplicity has also translated to not a ton of items or rule exploration. Instead of being able to continue to read and learn more about the game, you can get stuck playing the same general game just with a different setting.

Character Creation: 7/10


Spencer:This game is really fun in the character creation. The section in the rulebook is very clear and well done. It allows anyone to understand exactly what to do in order to start playing. I like that it is really narrative based in the character creation as well. You focus much more on the story you tell with your character rather than specific abilities. The biggest drawback is again the fact that you can’t do character development. Instead you can do a bunch of different characters in a bunch of different settings.

Balance: 9/10


Spencer:The characters that you make are going to be balanced simply by nature of the character creation and no advancement. This can potentially be a bad thing as players can all be average at everything at which point, why would I want to play in a system where I am basically just me?

Gameplay – Combat: 7/10


Spencer:The combat is a lot of fun in terms of descriptions and competitive card flips. However, if you aren’t going to really be involved in it, the combat could be just a matter of flipping cards. The different suits providing different effects is pretty fun and a good addition.

Gameplay – Exploration: 5/10


Spencer:This game doesn’t really seem to take much thought into exploration. It is much more combat and roleplaying based than exploration. I think this is an area of shortcoming.

Gameplay – Role Playing: 8/10


Spencer:As stated earlier, the character creation is narrative based and combat depends to a large degree on description. This means that if you are going to get into it, you will have a good time. Roleplaying in this game is what makes it fun.

GMing: 8/10


Spencer:This is a great game for a GM because the rules are simple, the materials light, and you can focus primarily on the story. You can come prepared with an idea or could play completely by drawing cards. This game provides so much leeway for the GM but an experienced improv comedian would thrive in it.

Cost: 10/10


Spencer:The game costs almost nothing and provides you with a fast and fun afternoon. I sincerely think that it should be in every good gamers back pocket because it can be played on a road trip, at home, or some other third place where people typically are. The expansions are also cheap and they develop new settings multiple times a year. Well worth every penny.

Sustainability: 8/10


Spencer:This game definitely understands it is a one shot game. That being said, it leans into this and provides a well developed system to enjoy. Players and GMs alike can go in so many different directions. It is also great fun for people who don’t play RPGs regularly.

Overall Score

Spencer:I think that this game is a wonderful game to have in a collection. It provides a wide range of possibilities, but also is simple to play. The sad issue I can see with this game is that someone mistakenly labels it a narrative based version of the card game war. While it is true that you are just flipping cards, all games can be inappropriately reduced to something they are not. Lean into the narrative and you will enjoy it.



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