Wed. Jun 3rd, 2020

Meet the Crew

The Roll Playing Guys

Meet Tyler, Multi-class GM and Player

Tyler is a player and GM for the Roll Playing Guys. He fell in love with table top gaming at a small store called Dragon’s Keep and he hasn’t looked back since. With over four years of experience gaming you could say he is a relative newbie but his love for gaming and creating exhilarating stories makes up for his lack of experience! Though he loves playing his true passion is world building and GMing for his fellow Roll Playing Guys!

Tyler is studying IT and is currently putting his wiz kid computer skills to good use with the Roll Playing Guys by taking care of social media, web development and all things technology.




Meet Nick, the Bard and Player

Nick has been playing tabletop RPGs for over three years now, ever since a friend introduced him to D&D 5e as a birthday present. Shortly after that life-changing introduction, he met Spencer and Tyler. D&D (and RPGs in general) combine all of Nick’s other interests: creative writing, world building, acting, board/video games, fantasy/sci-fi stories, and shared fictional universes. He has created over a dozen player characters, and has game-mastered at least as many campaigns. He relishes every moment he spends as a GM. As a player though, he is a bard at heart.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Nick has a Bachelor’s degree in English language and linguistics (which he puts to good use when he creates or mimics fictional languages) and is currently attending grad school for library science, and works as a part-time library aide in Utah.


Spencer, the Master Mind

Spencer started playing RPG’s in 2015 having been introduced to them by Daniel (who GM’d season 2 and played Brookes in season 1). His career as a GM started shortly thereafter with encouragement from Tyler. Immediately he fell in love with the story telling capabilities provided through writing and frequently draws upon his passion for film and folklore to motivate what he builds. He sees himself as a player’s GM as he allows them to break rules as long as reasoning can be provided referencing “The Rule of Cool” to be good enough for him. He completed a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and is enrolled in a Master’s of Taxation and Data Analytics degree. Other hobbies include: cooking, biking, hiking, reading, film, and sightseeing.


Wyatt started tabletop RPGs when he started listening to a D&D Podcast and decided to give a go with some of his friends. Since then, Wyatt has dived into RPGs being both GM and player for many campaigns. Wyatt loves the way a narrative can be created amongst different characters, stories, and events to form this wacky experience. Wyatt’s passion mainly stems from great character creation and character progression through a campaign.

Wyatt is currently in school for a Communications Degree where he spends most of time researching and formulating hypotheses about current media trends and behaviors.


Briana, the Creative Mind

New to TTRPGs in general Briana brings a breeze of excitement and energy as she begins her journey into the TTRPG world. Brought into the podcast by her now fiance Tyler, she plays extremely creative and unique characters and role plays them perfectly, filling them with personality and life! Not only is she a great TTRPG player but she’s an amazing artist as well and is working on some awesome projects for the podcast! She is currently going to school to become a nurse!