Season 1 – The Purple Haze

The world is as it should be. Nature grows, cities thrive, and life continues as it always has, that is until three adventurers meet in a small rural farming town. With pure hearts and a desire to make the world a little better, they unknowingly release something ancient and foreign to this world.

Join Ricardo, Threen, and Brooke as they fight to save their world from the tendrils of destruction.


Episode 1

The paths of three adventurers cross in the small town of Myrfall. With fires raging throughout the country side of the town Threen, Ricardo, and Brooke will band together to investigate the source of these random fires.

Episode 2

Listen as our three heroes continue their journey to put an end to the fires terrorizing Myrfall.

Episode 3

Our three favorite adventurers travel to a new city to investigate earth shaking news. Their investigation begins as they dive into a nearby cavern and find the mysterious source of the quakes.

Episode 4

Our three heroes find themselves deep in the heart of a mind flayer ship. As they explore they find unlikely help in resolving the issue of the quakes, but is it all as it seems?

Episode 5

The button has been pushed and the purple haze released into the world. The players begin to realize that what they thought would fix their world has come to destroy it. Join our three heroes as they begin to explore their world that has been changed by the haze.

Episode 6

Tragedy and heartbreak await our heroes when they return to the town where they first came together. Will they find their friends and loved ones or will the haze take them too? Join our heroes as they begin to see the consequences of their decisions and the price they must pay.

Episode 7

With the towns of Reiksburg and Myrefall destroyed, the heroes travel to Neverwinter hoping to find a clue of how to cure or destroy this purple haze. Join our heroes as they travel the long journey to Neverwinter to find a gleam of hope in their dark situation.

Episode 8

With Neverwinter being another dead end the three heroes separate to follow their own paths. Will they find their loved ones? Will they survive? Guess you’ll have to listen to find out.

Episode 9

A year has passed and the haze has not left their world. Things have changed and not for the better. With their minds weighed upon with the guilt of releasing the haze the heroes come together to find a remedy for the haze.

Episode 10

On their way to the under dark the heroes are captured by someone they haven’t seen in ages. Though they remember his face, is he the same person as before? Will they survive facing this new monstrosity?

Episode 11

After infiltrating the Purifier’s base and saving one of the last scientists in the area the party learns that they must delve deep into the under dark to find a cure for the haze. Will the heroes find what they are looking for or will it be another dead end?

Episode 12

After defeating Big Peter the party descends into the under dark and finds the remains of a mind flayer colony. Will this destroyed colony hold the key to curing the haze?

Episode 13

With the knowledge of where they need to go to get the purple haze cure, and a power source to start the ship, the party rushes back to their home town of Reiksburg to chase after the cure. Will it be a normal trip or will trouble follow?

Episode 14

After defeating the raiders on the road to Reiksburg the party arrives at the Mind Flayer ship to see that it is uncovered and ready for flight. Will the power source work?

Episode 15

The party ventures with their friend Yarjerit into the void of space to find the Mind Flayer homeworld of Illithia, hoping to find a cure to the haze. Will the ship hold through the pressure of space? Will the party arrive on the alien homeworld?

Episode 16

The party arrives on the alien home world of Illithia thinking that it would be destroyed, but is it? Now that they are on the planet the only clue they have is a mysterious map leading them to the legendary flower Genesium, the cure to the haze. Will they find the Genesium in time to save their world?

Episode 17

With Genesium in hand the party rushes back to earth to end the haze, but will it be that easy? Join our heroes in the season finally of the Purple Haze Campaign!