September 28, 2020

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Season 6 – A Cool and Lonely Courage

A Cool and Lonely Courage

Honoring the Courageous Woman of the SOE

It is the Second World War. France has fallen to the Nazis and Churchill needs to disrupt Hitler’s war machine. The Special Operations Executive (SOE) recruits women as well as men for combat operations. It was extraordinarily dangerous. One third of these women who worked in occupied France were captured and killed.

Episode 1 – Arrival

Rebecca, Nick, Spencer, and Tyler go through explaining the game, character creation, and play their first chapter in a Cool and Lonely Courage.

Episode 2 – Bombs and Baguettes

Rebecca, Nick, Tyler and Spencer play through their missions and interludes in this session of A Cool and Lonely Courage. Thank you to Alex White (@NAlexWhite on twitter) for sending us this game to test. If you want us to test your game, email us at

Episode 3 – This Room was Made for Talking

Coraline, Claire, Leonie, and Yevone are finally captured and taken to prison.

Episode 4 – Where are They Now?

Nick, Spencer, Rebecca, and Tyler come together to finish telling the stories of Leonie, Coraline, Yevone, and Claire. After telling their stories, the gang discusses what they thought of A Cool and Lonely Courage.

Thank you to Alex White (@NAlexWhite) for sharing this game with us. We really enjoyed playing it. You can find it on

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