September 28, 2020

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Season 6 – Power Outage

Power Outage


Power Outage is a world where kids get to be heroes, and you get to guide them on their journeys. It’s a sprawling landscape that gives you complete control of the adventures you want to create. If you’re interested in playing a game that feels like a classic comic book, try the futuristic neo-Japanese metropolis of Shorai City. If you want to run a gritty detective mystery, then plumb the depths of the Atomnyy Zavod’s atomic-lit alleys. Want to attend a school of sandwich wizards in the heart of a sentient forest? The Overgrowth is calling.

Episode 1 – Pancakes Don’t Cry

In this episode, we begin our exploration of Outage, an island off the coast of Alaska full of incredible super heroes! Tempest, Mr. Dimension, and Wet Willy confront a complete sentient breakfast and start their investigation into a mysterious villain.


Episode 2 – Okay Boomers

The Hunky Hero Squad is able to gain entrance to the most exclusive restaurant in Atommy Zavod, The El Gabriel. Once inside, they have to find the Garson and order up some information.


Episode 3 – It’s All Just a Red Newt

In this episode, the Hunky Hero Association meet up with Medical Mac, a great doctor in not so great of a place. After talking with him and picking up some insulin and unwanted therapy suggestions, they go over to Tildi’s clinic and meet a new friend. She drops some interesting clues in the case of the missing Dr. Joey.



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