May 11, 2021

The Roll Playing Guys

A podcast determined to explore the world of table top rpgs


In the wild west anything can happen, and Amos and Levi learn that the hard way. On their way to a new job in a distant town their wagon wheel breaks leaving them stranded in a small farming town. At first glance it seems like a quiet and uneventful place, but quickly they find out all is not as it seems!

Join our two heroes as we play test the Suited game system developed by Escape Box Games.

Episode 1

After traveling a day west Amos and Levi find themselves stuck in a small western town with a broken wagon wheel. Little do they know that fate has led them to investigate the murder of one of the towns folk. Join our fearless law men as we play test the Suited system developed by Escape Box Games.

Episode 2

With her husband killed years ago by a mysterious murderer, Felicia Dank hires our fearless gunslingers Levi and Amos to reopen the case and bring justice to the killer. With a week to spare until their wagon wheel is fixed they take the case not knowing the extent of injustice and corruption in this small western town.

Join our heroes as we play test the Suited RPG system created by Escape Box Games.

Episode 3

After getting out of jail Levi and Amos begin their investigation into the string of murders in the town. Everyone is suspect! Join the two lawmen as they begin searching for the murderer!

Episode 4

Levi and Amos are on the trail of the killer! Join our fearless lawmen in the Suited Mini-Series Finale as they try to bring the murderer to justice and save the small farming community of Kushville.