May 11, 2021

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Season 3 – The City of Uthkan

Martin walks the lonely road to the city of Uthkan, hoping to find a way to make ends meet for his family while also fulfilling his dream of becoming and adventurer. Raymus a vengeful cleric, filled with rage and hatred follows the trail of the one that wronged him. Presta wakes up in Boxtown wondering if she will ever wield magic like her friends. Three heroes, three different paths, one massive adventure. Is it chance or fate that these three heroes meet? Or is it their destiny to defend the city of Uthkan from an ancient tyrant.

Episode 1

Fate leads three heroes to the city of Uthkahn as they take their first steps in becoming adventurers. A vengeful cleric seeks a cure for his ailing mother, a middle aged man seeks to remake himself into a fearless adventurer, and a green haired girl tries desperately to become something she might not ever be.

Join our ragtag group of adventurers as we play the pathfinder system in our newest season!

Episode 2

After seeing the robbery of Magi’s alchemy shop the rag tag group of heroes chase after Furcar and her crew of cat burglars to reclaim what was stolen. Join Presta, Martin and Raymus as they sprint through the streets in the name of adventure!

Episode 3

After catching the cat burglars the party returns to Magi’s apothecary shop to rest. Little do they know that a mysterious girl will lead them to a quest into the very dirty depths of the city.

Episode 4

After saving Magi’s shop the adventurers regroup and gather their strength for the next quest. With a child kidnapped from her own home and a rat infestation, the adventurers must delve into the underbelly of the city to save the girl.

Episode 5

Last week we left our fearless heroes taking aim at a group of Rat folk, join them in their adventure as they strike at the enemy in hopes of finding the location of the Rat Folk city and the missing child! Will they defeat their ratty foes or will they become another piece of waste in the sewers of Uthkan?

Episode 6

With the help of Whitimer the heroes have finally found the location of the rat folk city. Will they be quick enough to save the young girl from the clutches of the Pickled Punk and the Waat? Will the cat folk come to their aid to fight the rat horde? Guess you’ll have to download the episode and find out!

Episode 7

Our heroes have infiltrated the rat folk city and snuck into the wedding of the Watt and Rosemary. Will they be able to crash the wedding and save the young girl? Or will they become food for the rats? Guess you’ll have to download the episode to find out.

Episode 8

After defeating the Watt and his minions the heroes of Uthkan return to the surface and lick their wounds. The party splits, each going their own way seeking solace, equipment, or courage to continue forward. Join Martin, Presta, and Raymus as they seek for strength to carry on!

Episode 9

After the battle with the Watt and cooping with the aftermath; Martin, Presta, and Raymus reunite after receiving a royal summons to the Cryland’s Castle. What will the royal family of Uthkan have in store for them? Download the episode and find out!

Episode 10

After meeting their Royal employer the adventurers leave the town of Uthkan seeking the crystal heart of an Elder thing. With a Royal now joining their party will they be able to work together to retrieve the heart from Landons Hollow?

Episode 11

After being hired by the royal family to acquire the heart of an elder thing the heroes leave the city of Uthkan and venture into the wilderness in direction of Landon’s Hollow. Though, this won’t be an easy trip as nature itself seems to conspire against them. Who will save these silly heroes? One odd bird.

Episode 12

Join our heroes as they delve into the depths of Landon’s Hollow. Will they be able to find the crystalized heart on an elder thing or will the dangers dwelling deep in the caverns devour them?

Episode 13

After finding Landon’s Hollow and exploring a few areas in, the party realizes that there is much more danger ahead of them. Join our heroes as they delve into the depths of Landon’s Hollow in hopes of finding the Crystalized Heart of an Elder Thing.

Episode 14

While wandering the caves of Landon’s Hollow our heroes come face to face with enemies of their pasts. Will they be able to overcome past traumas and retrieve the crystal?

Episode 15

After wandering episodes in Landon’s Hollow our heroes finally find the crystalized heart of an elder thing. Though the heart is within their grasps it is defended by a deadly duo of beastly brothers. Will our heroes defeat them?

Episode 16

After fighting the guardians of the Elder Thing the party harvests the heart of the Elder Thing and begins their trip back to Uthkan. Little do they know what is in store for them.

Episode 17

After returning slightly empty handed from their trip to Landon’s Hollow. The royal family sets the adventurers on a case to find a missing family member. Will the newly christened CSI unit succeed?

Episode 18

After scouring the drug house for potential leads the party divides to rest and recuperate before hitting the streets of Uthkan again. Will Presta, Raymus, Swana, and Martin be able to find the missing royal before it’s too late?

Episode 19

After the various shenanigans of last episode our heroes are back on the trail to find Jevail. After talking to Philmore they learn that their next step is exploring the Uthkan docks. What watery mysteries will be found there?

Episode 20

After discovering a secret shipment of Undine spinal fluid heading for a mysterious bakery, our party heads out to scout the location. The store front seems to be an unassuming bakery, but what secrets could lie within? Guess you’ll have to download the episode to find out! Join our heroes Presta, Raymus, Martin, and Swana as they continue their search for the missing royal Jevail.

Episode 21

After a shocking discovery at the cart our heroes make their way to the bakery to get to the bottom of these strange shipments and hopefully the missing royal. Will they be stealthy, witty, and perceptive enough to find the various breadcrumbs of this murderous mystery? Guess you’ll have to download the episode to find out!

Episode 22

After a vicious battle our heroes regroup and continue their investigation. As they go their separate ways the truth of the story reveals itself. Join our heroes as they final begin to piece this puzzle together and realize that their pasts have all led them to one common thread.

Episode 23

As the random clues connect our party begins to unravel the truth behind the mystery of the missing royal, with all signs pointing to the temple of Giselda. What will our heroes find within the evil walls of this hideous temple. Guess you’ll have to download the episode to find out!

Episode 24

Finally determined to enter the chapel our heroes make a huge and hilarious entry into the under crofts of the temple of Giselda. Within the damp cold recesses of the crofts our heroes will come face to face with an old enemy. Will Raymus find vengeance? Will Presta survive the horrors of her tube? Will Martin return to his wife? And will Swana ever stop feeding birds? Guess you’ll have to download the episode to find out!

Episode 25

Tyler is a very sorry boy as he recaps what would have happened in episode 25 had he not lost his audio file! Listen in to this quick recap to learn what happens in the story so you can get right back into it at episode 26!

Episode 26

After the resurrection of a dear friend, the city being overtaken by Hugo, and the people of Uthkan being forced from their homes, the party rallies together to fight back! Join Martin, Presta, Raymus, and Swana as they take the fight to Hugo.!

Episode 27

After storming the castle and destroying Hugo’s guards, the party gathers their strength for the final push. Will they be strong enough to wrestle control from Hugo and end his reign of orderly terror?

Episode 28

After one heck of a ride through the streets of Uthkan, Briana, Nick, Spencer, Tyler, and Wyatt review this season and the Pathfinder system. Join them as we go over our thoughts and the Pros and Cons of Pathfinder!