May 11, 2021

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Season 5 – Wrath and Glory

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Wrath and Glory

In the future there is only war and Warhammer 40k!

Join the Roll Playing Guys as they delve into the Wrath and Glory system, and the brutal universe of Warhammer 40k!

After successfully rooting out the heretical planetary governor of Tyre, Inquisitor Isen and his faithful retune of acolytes make their way through the warp on an assignment for the Empire.

After leaving the warp the Inquisitorial band finds a mysterious planet, complete off Imperial records. What secrets lie on the surface of the planet? Guess you’ll have to listen to find out!

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Episode 1 – The Unwavering Faith

The season kicks off as we meet Tu’l Rien, Maximillion Grenado, and Renee Whitaker. As they exit the Warp, they find a mysterious planet and some unwelcomed orkish guests. What will they do!? Join us this season for an action-packed and gritty adventure, with the typical high jinks.

Episode 2 – One Orc, Two Orc, Red Orc, Blue Orc

In this episode of the Roll Playing Guys, the gang finally lands on this lost planet. They fight with a band of orcs and meet some other unexpected castaways. What will happen?

Episode 3 – Mashed Potato Montage

After their near death encounter with the savage orks of this world, the Inquisitorial band follows a rag tag group of human survivors to meet a supposed Rogue Trader. Little do they know what they will find at the end of the tunnel system. Is it fate? Is it a crazy maniacal potato artist, who knows?!

Episode 4 – Spiky No Spiking

In this episode, the crew is forced to face the predicament of a nearly dead Maximillian and trapped Renee. Problems only get worse when they stumble across some catheters and a gnarly sniper. What is going to happen next?

Episode 5 – Merry Chairmas

The gang has just undone Cogtoof’s energy shield, but what happens when you do that in a hive of angry orcs? Find out in this episode!

Episode 6 – Meet Dr. Clinky-Clanky

The gang has to report back to Julz and the rest of her merry band informing them of all the destruction they have caused. Isen calls them back in to meet an important asset and they finally make it to the entrance of the fortified city. Who knows what is waiting for them in the terrible halls.

Episode 7 – Purple Nurgle

The crew continue their dangerous adventure in the forgotten Empire medical center. They fight a zombie, uncover disturbing security footage, and run into an awful surprise. Check it out!

Episode 8 – When Words Faylith

In this episode, the gang comes face to face with Faylith and fight to the death. Who doesn’t make it?

Episode 9 – Epidermal Harassment

The gang finally get into the warehouse where they have been drawn like moths to a flame. They find horrors beyond their nightmares along with the monster who created them.

Episode 10 – Itsa Me, Super Max

Literally jumping all over the place, the gang is engaged in another intense battle. Who will come out on top as they fight for their lives? Alliances are broken, friends are downed, and rules are debated.

Episode 11 – A Disgusting Surprise

The gang has fought some crazy fights, but this one is unlike they’ve ever experienced. Just when they thought it was safe and over, Chaos struck.

Season 5 Review

Dani, Ty, Nick, and Spencer take turns reviewing the game system of Wrath and Glory.


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